come to an end. I left radio. (Side note, but an important one: The program director also left radio. I later married the program director.)

Turns out, we both loved producing spots. Loved infusing life into every script. And the advertisers loved our work. When we left radio, they still wanted us to produce their commercials and on hold messages. Thus was born Tophoney Creative Services. Since that first mic, tube amp and board in 1997, under the lovingly neurotic direction of my husband, the studio has evolved, grown, moved twice, upgraded, morphed and essentially taken on a life of it's own. Bringing us to the sound you hear today.

And I hope that you find that sound is your voice as well.

In our work, we interact regularly with dozens of voiceover professionals. Jennifer is the consummate professional. The quality of her work—in terms of voice quality, production value, and accuracy—is consistently excellent. Her availability and turn-around time for both small and large projects continues to impress us. We are lucky to have found her and we hope to continue our partnership for years to come.                  1(484) 272-7808

Why "VoiceCognito"?  I'm glad you asked! When I was a kid (see photo), I loved music. Loved to sing. I also hated singing in front of people. "Children should be seen and not heard"? Not this girl. You need to hear what I have to say... just don't look at me while I say it. None of this changed as I got older. I'm a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. But how did I end up in voice overs?

Fast forward to my 20's and you find an inadvertent radio jock. While working as the gatekeeper at a local station, the program director discovered I had chops. They started using me in commercials. Eventually I confessed that I could also produce those commercials because I went to college for audio engineering. Which meant I could also run a board. Board op AND a voice?! Yep. And so began my illustrious career in radio. Perfect! I could be HEARD and not SEEN... with a paycheck! Alas, all good things must

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on many voiceover projects. She has an amazing ability to adapt her voice and presentation that always fits the client’s brand. She is always responsive, flexible, and simply a delight to work with! 

Jennifer, you impress me every time. Your ability to visualize the lecture, then read the script as if you were actually giving the lecture is just out of this world. This is not an easy task, you are basically giving the lecture blindfolded, since you do not have the visual aids in front of you. Yet, you manage to do it naturally and perfectly. I have not come across anyone else who can do such an amazing job dealing with such technical content. Thank you!

You may ask yourself, "Well, How did I get here?"

Jennifer has been our “go-to” voiceover talent for several years now. We’ve almost always got some project in the works together, and for good reason. She’s got a great voice that works for almost any script, and her delivery is smooth, professional and easy to listen to. But there are lots of good professional voices out there. What really sets Jennifer and Voice Cognito apart is the consistent, dependable, professional way she conducts business. She never misses a deadline. The audio files are always flawless. She communicates clearly and succinctly with us. And she operates the business to highly professional standards. I can’t think of a partner we’d recommend more highly.

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