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  • It's All In The DNA0:59

  • I'm Not A Dr., But I Play One...0:00


Relatable   Friendly   Conversational   Authoritative   Corporate   Impactful   Edgy   Smooth   Millennial   Sophisticated   Intelligent   Educated   Youthful   Fun   Dramatic   Wise   Conversational   Dry    Witty    Engaging    Passionate    Hopeful    Dreamy   

Help new users find their way around your site, or teach existing users how to navigate new features on your site.


  • What's On Tonight?0:37

Corporate Narration

Want to hear what your project could sound like?

  • Have We Met?0:39

When your script is laden with medical terminology, industry-specific language, or highly specialized subject matter, you need an educated, believable voice.

Investigate the possibilities for your script.

Because sometimes you just need to talk to a friend.

Jennifer@voicecognito.com                  1(484) 272-7808

That's what she said!

  • Where's My Pirin Tablet?0:22

  • Chill, Baby0:27

  • How Do I...1:00

  • Think "Nina Blackwood" On Sunday0:30

  • That's Yummy!0:30

  • Who's She Talking To?0:50

  • A Hash-What Now?0:25

  • Saddle Up, Cowgirl!0:43
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