That's what she said!

  • How Do I...1:00

  • Who's She Talking To?0:50                  1(484) 272-7808

  • Chill, Baby0:27

Because sometimes you just need to talk to a friend.

When your script is laden with medical terminology, industry-specific language, or highly specialized subject matter, you need an educated, believable voice.

Investigate the possibilities for your script.

  • Where's My Pirin Tablet?0:22

  • It's All In The DNA0:59

  • I'm Not A Dr., But I Play One...0:00
Relatable   Friendly   Conversational   Authoritative   Corporate   Impactful   Edgy   Smooth   Millennial   Sophisticated   Intelligent   Educated   Youthful   Fun   Dramatic   Wise   Conversational   Dry    Witty    Engaging    Passionate    Hopeful    Dreamy   

  • Saddle Up, Cowgirl!0:43



  • Shopping AND Music?!0:28

  • That's Yummy!0:30

  • What's On Tonight?0:37

Help new users find their way around your site, or teach existing users how to navigate new features on your site.

  • Think "Nina Blackwood" On Sunday0:30

  • A Hash-What Now?0:25

  • Have We Met?0:39

Corporate Narration

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